Production Design

  • BFI Features: Olga Lehman Gallery  
    Information about production designer Olga Lehman from the British Film Institute, with photos of her work and conceptual sketches for costumes and sets.
  • Design Abstracts Retrospective   Paid Subscription Required Peer Reviewed
    More than 24,000 abstracts and bibliographical records covering arts- and design-related publications. Most of the periodicals have ceased publication but are considered critical in the field. A good place to research the development of ideas about design.
  • Design and Applied Arts Index   Paid Subscription Required Peer Reviewed
    More than 150,000 abstracts and bibliographic records of articles published in applied-arts and design periodicals.
  • Movie Making Locations  
    A fascinating fan-created database of movie locations utilized in American western films and television programs since the early 1930s. Each listing features photos of the location as well as information on the films and programs that were shot there.