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A tribute to Paul Newman—the neglected filmmaker
by Miguel Marias   posted Oct 10, 2008

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I´ve admired Mr Marías´s insightful comments for a long time now, and I also consider the actor´s career as a director a really interesting one. One that also reflects his integrity and intelligence as a human being. Having said that, Newman´s directorial efforts create that "small body of work" which is not enough to render him essential, though I consider it clearly superior to the flat and excessively benign directing work of Robert Redford, for example (and you will understand that we´re bound to compare both careers). And definitely worthier than attractive but overrated incursions in the filmmaking field like Charles Laughton´s, who, with only one film in his directing agenda, I´ve seen boasted by many as the maker of an undying gem, owning the right to occupy a VIP seat; possibly the one Newman deserves.
doylian   posted 29.03.09

Nice piece; there is an article to be written about Newman's quirky Westerns as well. Actually HARRY & SON is the adaptation of a novel as well, THE LOST KING by Cleveland novelist Raymond DeCapite. Despite this I believe it was a very personal film for Newman, being a father/son drama made in the aftermath of Newman's son's death. It is not a very faithful adaptation of the original novel (to the film's detriment).
Dan Buskirk   posted 21.10.08

I wish someone could explain to me why these 6 extraordinay films are not available on DVD. "Rachel Rachel" is one the best films of the 1960's. I believe this film in in Warner Home Video's hands.
Patryk   posted 20.10.08


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Museum of the Moving Image Collection, photographed by Muky Munkacsi
Paul Newman
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