A Thanksgiving tribute to images of food on film
by Matt Zoller Seitz   posted Nov 26, 2013

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Nice article, agree that Tampopo needs to be there. It's a cinematic love letter to food!
Redeye   posted 01.12.11

Buck D: Since this piece is intended for family (holiday) viewing, I deliberately avoided dark/disturbing images of food and eating. (Which is why there are no images from "The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover," "Eraserhead," "Alive!" and so forth.) I might do a follow-up that goes in that direction, though. psuedanko: You're right, "Tampopo" is probably the most conspicuous omission. I should have included it.
Matthew Seitz   posted 27.11.09

For a darker touch of food in cinema, I suggest a follow up with a focus on Jan Švankmajer's work.
Buck D   posted 26.11.09

No offense, but a list of films about food that doesn't include Tampopo is like a list of Orson Welles films that doesn't include Citizen Kane.
pseudanko   posted 26.11.09


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