Zen Pulp, Pt 4

Do you see?: Michael Mann's reflections, doubles, and doppelgängers
by Aaron Aradillas and Matt Zoller Seitz   posted Jul 15, 2009

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can't blame you for honing in on the climax of Manhunter. Did a great job mining the richly textured film. Few observations: The jump cuts also appear during scenes of Graham viewing the home movies, as the connection between the two of them grow stronger as Graham views the films the killer also viewed. I am also frustrated by the multiple versions of this film. The best is still the original theatrical version (NOT letterboxed). Notice in your clip of Graham's final reflection as he tells his partner to peel the label off the film canister. The letterbox version hides the bright light shining off of the skyscraper outside the window. I've always loved the effect of this intense glare as Graham is anticipating his inevitable encounter with the killer.
mannsearch   posted 27.07.09

There's one more chapter going up this week, a stand-alone appreciation of the Mann-produced NBC series "Crime Story." Thanks so much for your kind words.
Matthew Seitz   posted 21.07.09

Excellent work. I also really appreciated the series of essays that Kevin B. Lee and Matt Zoller Seitz compiled on Oliver Stone. I hope there is more Mann content to come.
Luhks   posted 20.07.09

<<> Or not, based on which cut of the film you're seeing. One of the frustrating things about MANHUNTER is that so many variant versions have been released that none are definitive. All have scenes either added or taken out, none are "complete." The original theatrical cut, the VHS home video edition, the Mann-edited SHOWTIME cable version and all the DVD versions - including the "director's cut" - are slightly different. In at least one cut, that last embrace between Will Graham and Reba is played out in silence. On one of the DVD versions, it seems clear those lines of dialogue were overdubbed later, as they don't appear to be actually speaking in the shot.
Wallace Stroby   posted 16.07.09

Fantastic. Thank you. But why is there a picture from "Righteous Kill" displayed?
Beachtree Manningcroft   posted 16.07.09


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Courtesy Touchstone Home Video
Russell Crowe and Al Pacino in The Insider, directed by Michael Mann
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July 2-26, 2009 Michael Mann


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