Her Brilliant Decade

Chantal Akerman on New York, mother-daughter bonds, and her '70s classics
by Melissa Anderson   posted Jan 19, 2010

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Disgusting. Isn't it so very noble to steal from one's workplace to put towards one's art. After her starving stint at the porn theater & once she'd made a few dollars with film career in place, I wonder whether she tracked down her former employer to pay back those ill-gotten gains. Perhaps Ms. Akerman considers it just fine as one of her heroes, JLG, did the same, lifting from the till of Les Cahiers in the 50s. Egoist, careerist dirtbags, both. I'm a small business owner (successful independent dvd rental/sales outlet) & have found it so galling & spirit-crushing when members my staff (who I happen to take great pains to compensate well & treat fairly) have stolen from me over the years. Such moral weakness, & obviously a sickness, but one I've got no patience for. Such a shame when those you've admired in life, or in the case of art with Ms. Akerman, let you down.
Pierrot   posted 24.01.10


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Eclipse from the Criterion Collection
Chantal Akerman in her film Je, tu, il, elle
Photo Gallery: Her Brilliant Decade


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