Grand Openings, Pt 1

Analyzing David Fincher's credit sequences: Alien³
by Aaron Aradillas and Matt Zoller Seitz   posted Sep 20, 2010

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this title sequence creates more questions than it offers answers. the payoff comes later in the film when Bishop reveals "it was with us all the way." meaning, the egg seen in the title sequence was placed there by the company, meaning the events of the second film amounted to a suicide mission - the marines were coming back infected one way or another.
dr_ultimately   posted 27.09.10

Even though Fincher has disowned the film, I still think "Alien 3" gets an undeserved, bad reputation. I tend to think a good bit of the problematic reception the film received was due to the sequel it came after. Cameron was sly with his sequel. He decided to, in many ways, mimic Scott's style and tone while, at the same time, pull a 180 on content and execution. The irony, of course, is that Fincher chose to utilize his own style while leaning towards the more cerebral, patient narrative of Scott. Of course, at the time, people were really put off by it. Once you deliver warfare and meatheads in a sequel, you better bring those elements back if you hope to strike at the box office. Having said that, I appreciate Fincher's desire and intention with having deliberate opening titles that, hopefully, contribute to the film, be it narrative, structure and/or tone.
Barnes78   posted 22.09.10


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Opening credits of Alien³, directed by David Fincher
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